Oceans & Cables is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees. The company recognizes that drugs and alcohol abuse may impair the personnel’s ability to perform their duties.

This is particularly valid for those employees whose tasks entail safety and health risks for themselves and others. The shipboard personnel, for evident reasons of avoidance errors or accidents that may cause loss of lives, fire and environment pollution or third part property damage is particularly exposed to these dangers. It must be noted that a ship is made up of a very complex system which always require efficient personnel ready for all eventualities.

  • The company deems it important therefore to establish that:
  • The misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution, or sale of illicit or non prescribed controlled drugs on board ship or by crew members onshore and offshore is totally prohibited.
  • The company will not authorise the employment of any persons who are users of or have a recent record of the use of illegal drugs or have abused the use of prescribed drugs. Any crew member found in contravention of the company’s drug policy will be instantly dismissed and handed over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. All are reminded that in certain countries possession of illegal drugs can result in the PENALTY.
  • The possession, use, distribution or sale of alcohol on the managed ships is subject to the company’s specific instructions on the matter. Violation of these instructions is grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Being unfit for work because of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Personnel with alcohol or drug problems shall not be permitted to perform duties which may be critical for the safety of the ship, health of the personnel and risk of pollution.

All personnel like Surveyor, DP operator, office personnel, guests, contractors, vendors and any other person onboard shall be required to comply with the policy restrictions concerning use, possession, distribution and sale of alcohol and drugs and provisions regarding searches. Those who violate the policy shall be sent away from the vessel and may be denied future access.

For what concerns alcohol consumption the company requires, in particular, that all personnel on duty should have observed a period of abstinence from alcohol before watchkeeping, of at least four hour for each alcohol unit absorbed.