Oceans & Cables operates in the offshore field and provides services including the marine survey, positioning and maintenance. The Quality Policy represents the commitment of the management to achieve the company targets through the application to all the activities of an effective and efficient Quality Management System which reflects the requirements of the main international standards.

The above services are provided by understanding the customer requirements and expectations and by using equipment and systems technologically advanced. A constant monitoring of the provided performances allows to implement the appropriate actions to preserve a high level of quality of the service in order to achieve the customer satisfaction.

The company uses adequate processes of selection and evaluation and a consequent training program in order to guarantee that all the jobs are carried out by high competence personnel. Employees are encouraged to apply the guidelines of the Quality Management System during the development of all the activities.

The company believes that suppliers reliability is an essential requirement for the provision of services to be realized by selecting those suppliers which refer to the same principles adopted by the company in relation of Quality.

Such policy is disseminated within all the levels of the organisation in order to raise awareness of the values which lead our work to our people, customers and suppliers.