Oceans & Cables: A Busy Summer Filled with Activity

Oceans & Cables


Throughout the summer season, Oceans & Cables has been extensively engaged in a multitude of activities and projects. Our unwavering commitment to service excellence remains at the forefront, driving us to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of industry standards. Concurrently, we have dedicated substantial efforts to forging new partnerships and diligently promoting our organisation. Here is what we have been up to recently:

Oceans & Cables chooses MakaiPlan Software

Oceans & Cables is proud to announce the recent deployment of MakaiPlan, a cutting-edge submarine cable route planning software that marks a significant advancement in our service offerings. The selection of this industry-leading software aligns with our commitment to enhancing the capabilities of our technical team and optimising our cable route planning and engineering processes. Under the leadership of our Chief Technical Officer, Alessandro Maiolino, MakaiPlan has emerged as an indispensable tool, enabling us to expedite project execution, streamline efficiency, and mitigate the risk of critical errors.

Dr. Salvatore Colombo has been entrusted with the pivotal role of Software Manager, overseeing the management and implementation study of the entire system in close collaboration with the Oceans & Cables Engineering Department. This strategic deployment of MakaiPlan has already found application in numerous projects, both direct and indirect, further solidifying our reputation as a leader in the field of submarine cable installation. We are dedicated to leveraging this advanced technology to propel our success and continue delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

Oceans & Cables attends I-WAVENET in Malta

On the 18th and 19th of September, Director Aldo Monaca had the honour of participating in the esteemed hands-on event, I-WAVENET (Implementation of an innovative system to monitor the state of the sea in climate change scenarios), held at the Hilton Hotel. The event featured notable addresses from esteemed dignitaries, including the Rector of the University of Malta and His Excellency, the Italian Ambassador to Malta, among other distinguished individuals.

I-WAVENET focused its discussions on the crucial domains of microseism and sea monitoring. Throughout the event, a series of engaging dialogues and interactions transpired, facilitating valuable engagements with key stakeholders in these vital areas of research and innovation.


Oceans & Cables attends The Malta Chamber Summer Event

In September, Director Aldo Monaca had the privilege of representing Oceans & Cables at The Malta Chamber’s prestigious annual summer event, hosted at the picturesque Villa Bologna in Attard. The event, which held an attendance of over 600 distinguished guests, proved to be a resounding success. It offered Oceans & Cables a valuable platform for engaging with a diverse spectrum of local and international business professionals. This occasion served as an exceptional opportunity to conclude the summer season on a high note, fostering meaningful connections and reinforcing our presence within the business community in Malta.

Dr Aldo Monaca, Director, Oceans & Cables (left), Dr Marthese Portelli, CEO, The Malta Chamber (centre), Mr Chris Vassallo Cesareo, President, The Malta Chamber (right)

Oceans & Cables Limited is a company based in Malta, founded in 2014, operating in the submarine cable industry and related technical services, working with various industries and markets globally. Our specialisation is in the consultancy, planning and implementation of the submarine cable industry for governmental entities, commercial corporations, and offshore energy companies around the world. For more information about Oceans & Cables, please contact us on info@oceanscables.com.

Article written by guest writer Ms Charlene Sciberras.