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Submarine Cable Installation

Submarine cable installation, repair and maintenance is one of our specialised departments.

Submarine Cable Installation

Our staff has accumulated several years of experience in submarine cable projects, from desktop study, pre-lay survey, pre-lay grapnel run and route clearance, installation and repair of the cable systems, post-lay inspection, and burial. In fact, we are an associate member of International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) since 2018.

Our services in the field of submarine cable installations are supply of onsite and onboard representatives, party chiefs, cable engineers, surveyors, jointers, LCE operators, supply, and setup of survey rooms, PLGR activity, PLIB support, data processing and chart production, environmental studies, loading and discharging, remote support, and general consultancy. We can service any type of submarine cable installation, no matter how small or big, and in any international location. We consider ourselves as one of the leaders for the supply of onsite and onboard representative services during all phases of a submarine cable installation project.

Oceans & Cables holds knowledge, technical skills and the necessary equipment making our company your best choice for desktop study, site visits, route surveys, loading and installation of your cable system, together with repair and maintenance services, and much more. We offer 24/7 onboard consultants for continuous and immediate assistance to ensure that the project is running smoothly, and action is taken in case of any issues arising during the project-phase. This way we can effectively manage the entire project without any delays for our clients. Our work is supported with a proven track record.