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Oceans & Cables: Submarine Cable Consultancy & more.

Submarine cable consultancy, installation and related ocean services and solutions.

Oceans & Cables Limited, established in 2014 as a Maltese company, is nowadays synonym to expertise in the submarine cable installation and related ocean services and solutions. Technology, engineering, and marine operations are the core of the company, creating and servicing a wide range of solutions for many industries.

Ocean & Cables delivers reliable and innovative solutions to the offshore sectors such as the telecom industry, offshore energy industry, offshore wind industry, marine construction sector, ocean research sector and more. Management, administration, engineering, advisors, and the inshore and offshore teams of Oceans & Cables all work hand in hand, combining many years of experience in the submarine cable installation, maintenance and relates services. Our company is built on a solid reputation, with a knowledgeable working force focused on a full spectrum of services, products, and solutions for the undersea world.

Submarine Cable Installation
Submarine Cable Installation

Mission Statement

To deliver optimal expert advice, technical services, and turnkey solutions to our customers in the offshore world through our knowledge and the latest applied technologies.

Vision Statement

To connect the world thanks to our ability and excellence, in a secure, safe, and sustainable way to respect the environment we operate in.

Why chose Oceans & Cables?

A strategic, independent team that is reliable and fast-moving is at the core of Oceans & Cables. We thrive for continuous growth and excellence for all the projects that are entrusted to our team.

As a company we appreciate the central role that the ocean plays in a national and global security strategy and economic prosperity. As a global common, the power of the ocean and the space it provides for our work are pivotal and crucial to create a resilient space for our company to prosper.

Our expertise will give you the unique, desired solutions to execute any complex project presented to us. Our values call out for dedication and precision, cost-effective solutions, rapid implementation, and discrete solutions for any commercial or scientific project. We aim to be the best go-to business for all marine cable installation systems.

Submarine Cable Installation