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Our Global Force: The dedicated team of Oceans & Cables.

Our international team operates with a global common goal, that of servicing our clients with the ultimate finest technologies, optimal services, and strategic solutions. Through our dynamic and proactive approach, we understand what the client needs, and this helps us create synergies with our customers to ultimately provide excellent services. As an ISO 9001 certified company we thrive to provide the best services, products, and alternative cost-effective solutions.

We commit to giving our best performance, delivering high quality projects with integrity to all our clients. Our team believes that work ethics is of utmost importance, and we are committed to always keep up to our positive reputation. In fact, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a top priority for Oceans & Cables, and we believe ESG should be about tangible action towards a fair and better society, not simply a trend to enhance our CSR offering. We hold strong values in caring for our environment, our employees, our suppliers, our clients, and hold strong ethical standards within our company and towards our clients, for whatever project we work on. ESG for Oceans & Cables is a central element of our operations, a way to increase social awareness and give back to the community.

Oceans & Cables is a socially conscious company. In fact, our research and development department has been set up to study the new evolution of engineering cable installation to make the world a safer place, putting the common good ahead of our own interest. Our strategic common global vision is future oriented, and purpose driven for the welfare of our globe.

Oceans & Cables is a member of the The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

Oceans & Cables also holds an Attestation of Compliance by Bureau Veritas on Quality Management System, confirming that Oceans & Cables has been audited and that it complies with the requirements of Bureau Veritas Guidance Note NI 563 for “Standard for Quality Management System of Seafarer Manning Offices” and Regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.        

Corporate Social Responsibility

Submarine Cable Installation

Oceans & Cables is committed to create a greener future, having social responsibilities as one of the company’s core pillars. The company continuously adapts to protect the environment we work in through a proactive and sustainable approach.

Our goal is to sustain our planet and protect the natural resources we work in and with, whenever possible, by balancing various factors such as the economic aspect, the environmental impact, and the social aspect.

A Safety Culture

Submarine Cable Installation

At Oceans & Cables, safety is one of our priorities. We employ safety techniques to ensure safe operations when conducting business around the globe. We comply with international standards and our team regularly attends the necessary training to ensure an optimal level of attention and safety techniques for an accident-free workplace.

Oceans & Cables promotes effective planning and communications between all employees, prioritising the safety of our workers and the public, and ensuring that all employees act in accordance to our company safety policies.