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Technical Support for Pipelay, R&D, Hydrospatial Surveys

Technical support for pipelay, research and development, and hydrospatial surveys are some of our other areas of expertise.

Our personnel available for our clients includes party chiefs and surveyors with years of experience in numerous projects worldwide: North Sea, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia. We are proud to have provided these services to some of the largest companies in offshore.

Furthermore, our equipment allows us to independently manage the positioning system on board of any type of vessel, thanks to the different models of DGPS, gyroscope and online software (EIVA and QINsy) in our possession. We can perform bathymetric surveys in shallow water, with the use of single beam and multi-beam systems. Moreover, thanks to our partnerships with some of the major companies in the market, we can provide all services related to geophysical and geotechnical surveys.

Our full services for pipelay, research and development, and hydrospatial surveys are the supply of representatives, party chiefs, surveyors, data processors, equipment for rental, data acquisition, shallow water surveys, positioning services and others. We provide research and development services covering many segments within the marine industry, and hydrospatial surveys from coastline to full ocean depths using the latest technologies for hydrographic surveying, satellite imagery, acoustic sensors, and more.