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December: Innovation, training and festivities


December kicked off with a flourish for Oceans & Cables as our director, Aldo Monaca, proudly represented us at The Malta Chamber event – the President’s Christmas Reception. This exclusive gathering set the tone for a month filled with enriching experiences and educational initiatives.

A highlight in our commitment to fostering industry growth was our engagement at the University of Messina IT, where we organised a seminar within the Department of Engineering. The focus was on underwater infrastructures, specifically diving deep into the realm of submarine cables under the theme “Subsea Infrastructures: The Cables.” The event not only showcased our expertise but also provided a platform to interact with the students, who embody the future of our dynamic industry.

Simultaneously, our dedication to continuous improvement was evident in the internal course we conducted on data processing. At Oceans & Cables, we prioritise ongoing education, organising specialised and focused training sessions for our team members. This approach ensures that our workforce remains at the forefront of industry advancements, fostering motivation, and, in turn, enhancing the quality of service we provide to our valued customers.

The team is currently exploring something intriguing. A new cutting-edge technology that revolutionises the way we collect data, enabling continuous, real-time measurements along the entire length of a fiber optic cable. The new technology goes beyond the traditional ways and will allows us to overcome certain challenges in terms of distances and environments. As Oceans & Cables remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, embracing innovative technologies to elevate our service delivery for our clients, stay tuned for more information about this in the near future.

As the year draws to a close, we take a moment to express our heartfelt wishes for the festive season. We extend warm Christmas and holiday greetings to all, including our dedicated team, valued readers, esteemed collaborators, and cherished customers. Looking ahead, we anticipate a year of continued health and success, with hopes that 2024 brings prosperity and new opportunities for all.

December has been a month of accomplishments, education, and technological advancements for Oceans & Cables. We stride into the new year with gratitude for the past and excitement for the future, committed to navigating the seas of innovation and providing exceptional service to our clients.

University Seminar
The Malta Chamber event

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Article written by guest writer Ms Charlene Sciberras.