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Oceans & Cables’ Pivotal Role at HYDRO 2023


The Oceans & Cables team recently concluded a dynamic and enriching week at the HYDRO 2023, Hydrographic Conference, held in the captivating city of Genoa, Italy, commencing on November 7th. Recognised as one of the paramount gatherings in the hydrographic sector globally, this conference played host to influential figures, and Oceans & Cables proudly stood as one of the main sponsors. Adding to the significance, Aldo Monaca, Managing Director of Oceans & Cables, assumed the role of head of the organising committee for this year’s edition of HYDRO 2023.

The field of hydrography, inherently multi-disciplinary, underpins a myriad of activities associated with the sea. The event attracted prominent personalities at the forefront of the industry, a testament to the collaborative efforts of individuals deeply knowledgeable about the ocean.

Aldo Monaca and other key figures echoed a unanimous sentiment regarding the conference’s resounding success. The gathering served as a platform for in-depth discussions on a spectrum of compelling topics, with a primary focus on personnel, remote operations, and, notably, the pivotal role of cables in this domain.

Oceans & Cables capitalised on the opportunity to share insights through a series of presentations. Alessandro Maiolino, the Director and Chief Technical Officer at Oceans & Cables, delved into the intricacies of submarine cables, explaining their global importance in the realm of communications. His presentation encompassed the critical aspect of safeguarding these cables against cyber threats, supplemented by compelling data on the vast network of submarine cables. Virgilio Scolaro, HSE Manager and Client Representative at Oceans & Cables contributed to the discourse with a comprehensive discussion on subsea cables, adding depth and nuance to the conference proceedings. His presentation focused on preventing damage costs to submarine cables: The importance of communication, sharing information and lessons learnt with local communities. Additionally, Sebastiano Messina, in collaboration with Poliservizi Srl, presented an insightful topic about the new generation of cables – Science Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) subsea cables, used for observing the ocean, further enriching the spectrum of discussions. These SMART cables seek to revolutionise deep ocean observing by equipping transoceanic telecommunications cables with sensors to provide novel and persistent insights into the state of the ocean.

The diverse array of presentations underscored Oceans & Cables’ commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise within the hydrographic sector. The company emerged as a key contributor, facilitating a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field. Furthermore, throughout the week, the team joined a fantastic number of social events where they were able to meet up with various colleagues from the sector.

The aftermath of the HYDRO 2023 conference has injected a fresh wave of energy into the Oceans & Cables team. Buoyed by the insights gained and connections forged during this influential event, the team is poised and eager to embark on new and exciting projects. The conference not only served as a knowledge-sharing platform but also reinvigorated the team’s enthusiasm to continue pushing boundaries and contributing to the evolution of hydrography and submarine cable technology.

Photos of Oceans & Cables team during HYDRO 2023

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Article written by guest writer Ms Charlene Sciberras.