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Our Globe, our Oceans and Submarine Cables


Submarine communications cables in our oceans provide a primary means of connectivity around the globe. Historically, the first submarine communications cables were laid in the 1850’s and carried telegraphy traffic, establishing the first instant telecommunications links between continents. Generations later, these cables carried telephone traffic, and then data communications traffic, whilst modern cables use optical fibre technology which carry digital data, including telephone, Internet and private data traffic. Such submarine cables are laid on the seabed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of oceans and seas.

When talking about submarine cable systems, the market consists of various components such as the marine cables, conductors, equipment, and maintenance and repairs services, making the submarine cable systems a massive global market with many big players in the industry. This market is on the growth curve and is expected to grow further due to the rising of Internet and online subscriptions from the most recent increase of remote workers, more streaming services offering movies, TV shows, and music, and further use of smartphone devices. We are living in a digital world with a constant increase of data traffic, and this is also possible thanks to the submarine cable systems. Big data, high speed Internet, demand for higher bandwidth globally, requires strong connectivity between data centres thus raising the importance of submarine cables within the telecom sector.

However, submarine cables are not only used to transfer most of the Internet traffic helping in faster communication worldwide but are also used to transfer the power generated from offshore wind farms to power stations, for power transmission to oil rigs, and more. Therefore, many consider submarine cables a vital component of the economy thanks to this growing demand. These driving factors from the telecom and energy industries has increased research and development services for the submarine cables, and many new manufacturers, suppliers to the industry, and participation to the installation and maintenance services for the submarine cables.  

The importance of these submarine cable network in the world is huge, and here are Oceans & Cables we can totally understand and value this, making us very proud to be working in this industry and share our expertise and knowledge through our consultancy solutions and related work.

Oceans & Cables Limited is a company based in Malta, founded in 2014, operating in the submarine cable industry and related technical services, working with various industries and markets globally. Our specialisation is in the consultancy, planning and implementation of the submarine cable industry for governmental entities, commercial corporations, and offshore energy companies around the world. For more information about Oceans & Cables, please contact us on

Article written by guest writer Ms Charlene Sciberras.